Improved technology now makes it easy for us to quickly see the identify of a caller. That makes is possible to answer or ignore calls. Unfortunately, caller ID also has a flip side. It can display more information than a caller wants to provide. This is especially true of professionals like investigators and secret shoppers, who need to guard their identities. Fortunately, spoofcard offers a solution that is simple, effective, legal and sometimes even fun.

What Exactly Is Spoofcard?

The practice of hiding a caller’s true identity is known as spoofing. It works by substituting a false number for the one that is actually calling. The spoofcard service uses communications technology to allow anyone to spoof anyone else. Many professionals who need to protect their privacy have adapted the service to fit their needs. The process is legal. The FCC’s Truth in Calling Act states that it is only illegal to transmit inaccurate Caller ID if there is an intent to cause harm, defraud or get anything of value. In other words, spoofing is fine as long as no harm is intended.

How the Process Works

Customers who need to disguise their identities during calls can get help by visiting Online information explains the entire process in detail and even includes a video. Customers buy minutes, which are very affordable. A basic 45 minute package only costs $9.95. Clients can use services via a mobile app, website or by calling an access number. The process is really simple. They enter the phone number they need to call and then the number they want displayed. Customers can also send messages directly to caller ID, add background noises and even disguise their voices. Many users quickly master the features and then have fun making prank calls to friends.

Why Professional are Harnessing Spoofcard Benefits

Many clients access the buyspoofcard web address because they are serious professionals who need to protect their privacy. Spoof card is ideal for:

Professional Investigations: Legal professionals and anyone charged with locating people can hide their identities and still get useful information.

Protecting a Private Phone Number: Many professionals take emergency calls after hours and do not want clients to have access to home phone numbers. When they call customers or patients back, only business numbers display.

Secret Shoppers: These experts need to get information about businesses and still remain anonymous. Spoofcard safeguards their identities.

Competitive Businesses: Businesses like real estate are very competitive and profit often hinges on staying ahead of the competition. Some agents now use spoofing services in order to anonymously call other offices and get useful information.

Spoofing is a process that lets callers disguise their identities when safeguarding information is important. The easy to use service is ideal for many professionals. It is especially useful for investigators, secret shoppers, and anyone who needs to keep home and business phone information separate.